YUDIAN Supplier of Leading Technology in Temperature-control and Energy-efficiency | 宇电,高端节能环保温控技术的领先供应商

       In the pursuit of perfection, YUDIAN focuses on every detail of the products, so that the quality exceeds customer expectations.

Never-ending Improvement
Pursuit in Perfection

Over the past 20 years, YUDIAN focuses on the development and sales of high-tech energy saving temperature controlling and monitoring technology and products.

Adhering to the virtue of “Never-ending Improvement, Pursuit in Perfection”, YUDIAN continuously innovates and seeks breakthrough, with a number of the world's first technology to bring many technological revolution in the instrumentation industries

宇电革新性地推出模块化技术,使客户可以选择不同的模块来灵活配置仪表的功能。YUDIAN innovatively launched the modularization technology in instruments that dramatically increase the variety of functions and options that an instrument can offer.

YUDIAN self-developed AI artificial intelligence algorithms to achieve precise control without overshooting and undershooting, reaching the advanced world level in respect of the algorithm.

Apart from traditional digital instrument (front panel in black or grey), YUDIAN pioneered the use of large -screen true-color LCD panel in the industry with programming and network capabilities into the new generation intelligent temperature controllers.
 Not only limited to the use as data-logger, flow chart display, it can also be connected to PLC, inverters and other external devices, enabling customers to assembly a high-end automation equipment. 

Based on the customer request, YUDIAN keeps the strict standards on every detail among material selection, production, packaging and logistics.

To avoid any issues happened in the same circumstances, in which problems may be caused by an individual customer and even one specific function request, YUDIAN would rather enhance the whole range of product despite the increasing costs.

Through continuous improvement, YUDIAN has reached the world leading level in control precision, reliability, stability and lifespan and other aspects. The rate of return to repair, including user fault, is extremely low less than 3/1000. Selected high-end series among the products can also enjoy a 10-year warranty.

By now, YUDIAN has grown to become a leading company with many long-term loyal customers among the sectors of energy saving, machinery, heat treatment, metallurgy, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, crystal-growing, superconducting materials and high precision testing equipment. 

YUDIAN is proud to have a continual improvement team, establishing a gradually perfect enterprise.


Supplier of Leading Technology in Temperature-control and Energy-efficiency.