Ultra thin temperature controller - 22.5mm width

New temperature controller in D5 module (with communication) 

Now we re-design the circuit to put the conventional temperature controller into this green tiny rail mounted unit - D5 module.
Rail mounted 22.5mm thin
Apart from the exiting model: AI-7048-D5, AI-7028-D5, AI-3011-D5 and AI-3013-D5, we launched AI-516-D5, AI-516P-D5, AI-519-D5, AI-526-D5 and also AI-526P-D5.

D5 Module PID Temperature Controller
Model Accuracy RS485 * Output Alarm Steps Inputs Channel
AI-516-D5 0.3 A, M Varies # 1 - T.C. 1
AI-516P-D5 0.3 A, M Varies # 1 30 T.C. 1
AI-519-D5 0.25 A Varies # 1 - T.C. 1
AI-526-D5 0.25 A, M Varies # 1 - T.C. 1
AI-526P-D5 0.25 A, M Varies # 1 30 T.C. 1
AI-7028-D5 0.2 A SSR - - T.C. (Pt100^) 2
AI-7048-D5 0.2 A SSR - - T.C. (Pt100^) 4

^ 2-wire Pt100 input can be customized upon request.
# Output options available below.
Code Description          
G SSR 12V            
X3 Analog Output          
X5 Analog Output (Isolated power to avoid interference)    
L2 Relay Output          
K1 Burn-proof single phase zero-crossing output (100~380V)  
K5 Burn-proof single phase thyristor trigger (220V)    
K6 Burn-proof single phase thyristor trigger (380V)    
W1 Burn-proof thyristor contactless normal-open output (for contactor <80A)
* RS485 communication is provided under AIBUS and/or MODBUS protocol. 
   "A,M" indicates provides both and "A" indicates provides only AIBUS.

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