Ultra thin temperature controller - 22.5mm width

New temperature controller in D5 module (with communication) 

Now we re-design the circuit to put the conventional temperature controller into this green tiny rail mounted unit - D5 module.
Rail mounted 22.5mm thin
Apart from the exiting model: AI-7048-D5, AI-7028-D5, AI-3011-D5 and AI-3013-D5, we launched AI-516-D5, AI-516P-D5, AI-519-D5, AI-526-D5 and also AI-526P-D5.

D5 Module PID Temperature Controller
Model Accuracy RS485 * Output Alarm Steps Inputs Channel
AI-516-D5 0.3 A, M Varies # 1 - T.C. 1
AI-516P-D5 0.3 A, M Varies # 1 30 T.C. 1
AI-519-D5 0.25 A Varies # 1 - T.C. 1
AI-526-D5 0.25 A, M Varies # 1 - T.C. 1
AI-526P-D5 0.25 A, M Varies # 1 30 T.C. 1
AI-7028-D5 0.2 A SSR - - T.C. (Pt100^) 2
AI-7048-D5 0.2 A SSR - - T.C. (Pt100^) 4

^ 2-wire Pt100 input can be customized upon request.
# Output options available below.
Code Description          
G SSR 12V            
X3 Analog Output          
X5 Analog Output (Isolated power to avoid interference)    
L2 Relay Output          
K1 Burn-proof single phase zero-crossing output (100~380V)  
K5 Burn-proof single phase thyristor trigger (220V)    
K6 Burn-proof single phase thyristor trigger (380V)    
W1 Burn-proof thyristor contactless normal-open output (for contactor <80A)
* RS485 communication is provided under AIBUS and/or MODBUS protocol. 
   "A,M" indicates provides both and "A" indicates provides only AIBUS.



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Chinese New Year 2014 holiday arrangement

Chinese New Year 2014 holiday arrangement

1. Chinese New Year holiday will be on Jan 31- Feb 3, 2014. Our sales office in Hong Kong will stayed open until Jan 30 and resume working on Feb 7, 2012. The factory will resume working on Feb 10, 2013. 

2. We will stop receiving orders by Jan 20, 2014 in case there is any delay in logistics in that peak season.

3. Order made after Jan 20 will be delivered after the holiday.


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DC Analog Signal Generator

Yudian Indicator AI-501 V7.61
Yudian DC Analog Signal Generator 4-20mA, 0-20mA
 4-20mA DC Signal Generator feature is added to AI-501 V7.61. User can output any DC signal 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20V signal just by having one unit of AI-501-D2-X3-Q V7.61.

Yudian temperature controller series, AI-5 series will introduce a new UL line. Those which complies with UL IEC 61010-1:2010 will be added by suffix -UL. The best selling series AI-509-D2 in black color will be become AI-509-D2-UL-Q.
AI-208 provides standard digital PID temperature control features, including high alarm, low alarm, high deviation alarm, low deviation alarm, thermocouples or Pt100 input, SSR or relay output. The setpoint limitation protects equipment and safety measures for end users.