Turning up the HEAT in Ovens and Furnaces

YUDIAN temperature controllers at 48x48mm panel mounted
are widely used.
Yudian intruments are widely used in ovens and furnaces industry for over 20 years. We offer comprehensive control solutions according to various application needs of customers, namely tunnel furnaces, labrotary drying oven, pit furnace and muffle furnace

Yudian AI instruments differentiates itself from the competitors with its stable performance, high quality, energy-saving, low power consumption and durabiliy.

These controller series come in panel mounted or DIN rail mounted versions and also possible to be used in conjunction with our thyristor output module.

If you want to explore how we might work together to speed the development of your new idea or existing project, and for instrument selection and module options that will shape your concepts and bring them to life, please contact us.

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