Yudian Automation - an emerging automation instrument expert

Yudian Automation Technology Co. Ltd. has been devoting itself to the development and manufacturing of industrial process automation controller instruments since 1991. Through several years of development, YUDIAN has become the number one Chinese intelligent instrument manufacturer, claiming the biggest domestic market share with sales of over 250,000 instruments per year. Our instruments are applied in industries spanning from chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, to pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and academic laboratories. Our products have established the status of high quality and reliable instruments.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Yudian has established subsidiary companies and branches in North America and Oceania. Now our products have been sold in Hong Kong, India, Australia, New Zealand, America, Southeast Asia and Europe, and are highly ranked by our customers. Yudian has constructed a 10,000m sq. new factory building in the Xiamen Hi-tech industrial develop-ment zone. With multiple modern production and test equipments including full automatic computer placement machines, lead-free dual crest welders, infrared reflow welders, high temperature and high-voltage aging room, electromagnetic compatibility testing and equipment humiture environment test laboratory, Yudian can manufacture automation products at the highest quality with the highest precision and reliability.

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